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Toyota Noah X

Toyota Noah X


The Toyota Noah Grade X is a variant of the Toyota Noah, a well-regarded minivan known for its versatility and reliability. The "Garde X" trim likely signifies a specific level of features and amenities, possibly including upgraded interior materials or additional technology options. With its spacious interior and practical design, the Toyota Noah Garde X provides a comfortable and convenient transportation solution for families or individuals seeking a reliable and versatile vehicle for everyday use.

  • Basic Information

    MAKER Toyota 
    MODEL Noah
    MODEL YEAR 2021
    HANDLE Right
    MILLAGE 27,070Km
    ENG. SIZE 2000cc
    FUEL Gasoline
    No. OF DOORS 5
    Misc. -


  • Other Features

    • Modelista Aero
    • Roof Spoiler
    • Strada Navi/Full Seg TV
    • Back Monitor
  • Loan

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