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Toyota Hiace Wagon Grand Cabin

Toyota Hiace Wagon Grand Cabin


Experience the epitome of spaciousness and comfort with the Toyota Hiace Wagon Grand Cabin. Its versatile interior, luxurious amenities, and robust performance make it the ideal choice for both family trips and business ventures alike. Elevate your travels with the Hiace Wagon Grand Cabin and enjoy every journey in style and convenience.

  • Basic Information

    MAKER Toyota
    MODEL Hiace Wagon Grand Cabin
    MODEL YEAR 2018 
    HANDLE Right
    MILLAGE 75,000 km
    ENG. SIZE  
    FUEL Gasoline
    No. OF DOORS 5
    Misc. -


  • Other Features

    • External navigation (Alpine 7WZ)
    • Full seg TV 7inch
    • Back monitor 10inch
    • Back camera
    • Auto sliding door
    • ETC
    • Sorround Sound system
    • Power slide door(L)
  • Loan

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