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Toyota CHR Hybrid G grade

Toyota CHR Hybrid G grade


The Toyota C-HR G Grade is a variant of the Toyota C-HR, a compact crossover known for its distinctive styling and hybrid powertrain. The "G Grade" typically signifies a specific trim level within the C-HR lineup, offering a balance of features and amenities. With its hybrid engine technology, the Toyota C-HR G Grade provides excellent fuel efficiency along with modern styling and practicality, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious drivers seeking a stylish and efficient urban vehicle.

  • Basic Information

    MAKER Toyota
    MODEL CHR Hybrid
    GRADE G Grade
    MODEL YEAR 2017
    HANDLE Right
    MILLAGE 46,500Km
    ENG. SIZE 1,800cc
    FUEL Gasoline
    No. OF DOORS 5
    Misc. -


  • Other Features

    • Navi/Back Camera
    • CD/DVD Player
    • ETC
    • Push Start
    • SRS Air Bag System
  • Loan

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