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Stay in Plan

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Stay in Plan is to go to a driving school every day while staying at an accommodation facility and obtain a license in a short period of time.
The training schedule is pre-determined, so trainees can attend without going through troublesome training procedures.


The Stay in Plan license fee is a package fee that includes all fees related to training. Also, even if you fail the test, additional training is guaranteed until graduation, so there is no additional cost.

After graduating from the training camp and returning home, you will take a written test at the driver's license examination center (driver's license center) designated by the prefecture where you have your resident card, and if you pass, your driver's license will be issued on the same day.


The biggest thrill of Stay in Plan is meeting people from all over the country participate in the Stay in Plan.  

We would like you to experience the sight of the people living together for two weeks with the same purpose and goals, pledging to resume each other when they graduate, and praising each other while shedding tears. 

A Stay-in Plan is recommended for those who:

  •  Those who have plans for about 2 weeks

  •  Those who want to get a license quickly and cheaply

  •  Those who want to enjoy lessons as if they were traveling

Procedure of Stay-In plan


AT Lisence Schedule



One Day Life


AM 8;00

AM 8:50

PM 12:50

PM 1:35

PM 3:35

PM 6:40

Go to the driving school.

Check the lesson time and the daily schedule.

Having breakfast, too!

Start lessons!

Lunch time at the restaurant in driving school!

Afternoon's lessons.

Start lessons again!

Finish all of the daily lessons.

Free time!

Having dinner, self-study with PC etc...

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